Sunday, August 23, 2015

Life Of A Camper and More Sewing

My husband has decided to enclose our utility trailer.  We have used this trailer mostly for moving our daughter.  To Florida, to Indiana, and to Missouri. We also used it to take things down to our niece and to move us.  So it has come in handy. This is not the reason we bought the trailer though.  We would like to trailer our motorcycle to new areas to explore, without having to be on the motorcycle for hours and hours.  Not good on these aging bones.    The trailer will also have a dual purpose, we will be able to camp in it.  Not tall enough to stand in, but better than sleeping in a tent.

Check out his progress:

He is building it inside the one car garage at our apartments, so it needs to be able to clear the overhead door. 

This is a trailer mover.

Loading up the trailer. 

Pulled it out of the garage and putting it in a parking space with ease.

Front and driver side of the trailer.  There will be one window and an air conditioner  on this side.  Hey, we need some comfort.

The passenger side will have two windows.  The front will be completely closed in.

The passenger side standing from the back.

Driver side standing from the back.   The gate will pull down, and there will be two doors that will open up so he can get the motorcycle in.

I like the way he did the front, it goes out over the spare tire.  Planning on storing the bedding/sleeping bags in this area.

Starting to take shape.  Has the roof and two sides on.

The small opening is for the air conditioner.

Looking through the front at the roof.  

He has been working on this on weekends and after work when the weather allows.  He now has the front covered and the windows installed.  He is currently working on the trim around the edges.  It is very neat to watch this take shape.   


... in the sewing room (yes I'm going to call this the sewing room from now on, I am claiming it!) I have been working on my own projects. 


Finished the label for my husband's quilt.  Sewn on by hand under protest. I even washed it and it did not fall apart.  I am so happy with this project.

Work in progress:

Sewing strips on the log cabin quilt I started years ago.  108 blocks started, not sure what I was thinking at the time. I knew nothing about quilting and to take on a huge project like this, no wonder it was in a box for over 20 years.  

Getting ready to trim. 

The edges are not very even on any of these blocks.

When I trimmed them down, I did two at a time.  Some had very little taken off and others quite a bit.  Obviously my seams are not all a quarter inch, and I'm sure the width of the strips are  quite questionable also.

Half way there. That is a lot of blocks.

An example of how off these blocks are. 

108 blocks, ready for another strip to be sewn on.  

Started and completed: 

I also made a new ironing board cover for my table top ironing board.  If you look closely at this old one, you can see the diamond shapes from the metal mesh of the ironing board, the padding was wore out too. 

I had some heavy canvas material in my stash, which worked out perfect for this project.  I also took some scraps of batting and made new padding for the ironing board, which is just cutting to the shape of the board.

At first I hemmed the edge, but could not get the elastic through.  Just when I needed it,  a tutorial popped up on my face book page on how to make ironing board covers.  I tore out the hem ( you can still see some of the brown thread), then added a double folded bias trim to the edge.  Took the old string out of the old cover and threaded into the bias trim.  Worked like a charm.    

Well that is it for today.  My husband has taken a break from working on his trailer and taking a nap, and I am off to sew more strips on that 20 year old project.  I think I was going to make a quilt for our bed, with 108 squares it would have been huge.  I am rethinking this, so check back to see what I do with this project.  

Thank you for stopping by.  

Happy Reading! 


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