Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Birthday Adventure

I decided to fly to Florida to visit my FL Girl for my birthday.  Alone.  Just me.  Solo.  This may sound strange, but I have not gone any where by myself in the last 30 or so years.  Once I met my husband we have done everything together and I would not have changed a thing.  I have taken trips without him, but my two daughters have been my companions.  My daughters are both adults, and one lives in Florida. My husband could not get the time off and I got a pretty good deal on the flight so I made the trip myself.  I had great time too. 

Here are some highlights to my trip.
First stop.  Bahama Breeze for lunch.

The ceiling of the Bahama Breeze, very neat looking.

Mm mm.  Lobster and shrimp quesadillas and Cuban black bean soup.  Delicious.

I have missed this smiling face too much.  She got the Jerked Chicken sandwich and fries.  Strawberry Lemonade toast to my birthday. 

Our waitress was nice enough to snap our picture.

FL girl kept asking me what I wanted to do. I discovered online a new quilting project going around.  Row by Row Experience.  For traveling quilters, stop in by to get a free pattern.  The first to return your completed quilt, with eight different rows, wins 25 fat quarters.  FREE you say.  Well this sounds like fun.  So I told her this was what I wanted to do.  Little did I know. 

We managed to stop by four shops in FL the first afternoon.   With the four patterns I picked up in Indiana, I thought I was good to go.  In one of the shops was hanging a completed quilt so FL girl was able to get a better ideas of what I was doing. She liked several of the rows in that quilt.  

When we got back to FL girl's place, she mapped out several more shops for us to explore and pick up free patterns.  Two hundred mile round trip. Ten patterns in all. We almost made it to all the stores, two we did not.  One we decided that neither of us really did not care for their pattern and one we just did not have time.  FL girl was excited at every shop we stopped at, picking out different fabric for her one of kind quilt.  She said it was like being on a scavenger hunt. 

As of this writing, FL girl informed me she was able to get the last one she wanted.  Waiting anxiously for the mail. 
One of the many quilt shops we stopped by.  I was disappointed that this shop did not have a flamingo on their pattern for my sister.


Every day we walked around the pond at her apartment complex, which is nice because it has a sidewalk around the entire pond.  Take your camera she told me as you will see a lot of wildlife too.  

Almost stepped on this little guy at Bahama Breeze.

Oh, these little guys are everywhere.  This is at FL girl's apartment.  We would walk down the sidewalk and we could see them scatter back into the bushes.

Beautiful blue heron.  Same bird above and below.

Hanging out on the fence.

More little salamanders

Another one.

One scaling the wall.

These birds were walking along the shore, every once in awhile they would bend down and eat something. 

What is this?  Looks like a frog.  A big frog.

Another one. 

This bird flew in and landed near us. 

Off to another pond.

Slug in the middle of the sidewalk.  He was pretty good size, about 4 inches long.

We were totally surprised by his little turtle. 

This bird flew from tree to tree and would spread his wings out to dry them. 

Another bird drying his wings out. 

I will post more about this trip soon and the Row by Row Experience progress.

Happy Reading! 


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