Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Birthday part 2

After my daughter realized what we were doing and she saw one of the Row by Row quilts on display, she got excited.  When we got back to her home, she mapped out a 200 mile round trip for us to pick up free patterns. Seeing some sights along the way, and picking up fabrics for the free patterns.  Like I said earlier, FREE you say.  

Ready to head out on our great quilting scavenger hunt.

The Old Opera House in Deland, FL.

The Quilt Shop of Deland, Inc.  I wish I had taken pictures of all the shops we visited.  this was like the sixth in Florida and I had gone to four in Indiana. 

On the way out of Deland, we saw a mural on a building and stopped to look at it.  This is the only alligator we saw this weekend in front of the mural.

A big building at the end of the street.  We have no idea what it is, but my daughter thought I should take a picture of it as it was neat looking as we came to the end of the street. 

It was very cloudy and overcast all day.  I tried to take pictures of the clouds and when I looked at it, the sun was shining through, even though I could not see it with my eyes.

Passing Lake Jesup. It was on both sides of the road, very large lake. 

After traveling over 200 miles on the quilting adventure, my daughters fiance made dinner while she made me a birthday cake from scratch.  My favorite chocolate cake with butter cream frosting (my mom's recipe).  What a great birthday she gave me.

The morning of my last day we went out the barn so FL girl could ride her horse.  She did not get much riding in as it started to rain.  We no sooner got into the barn and it started pouring.  By the time she got the horse cleaned up and the stuff put away it had stopped raining.  We then went for a walk around down town Sanford, FL.  Most things were closed when we got there, early Sunday, but we had a good time looking around.  

 First stop was this war memorial. 

There is a walk on both sides of the green way, with large squares.  Each square has the name of one of the wars that the United States has been in.   Along the green way there are smaller stones  with the names of all who have died in the wars.  I'm assuming these were Florida residents.

The next few pictures are of Lake Sanford.  You can see the smaller stones in the first picture.

Boats in the harbor at Lake Sanford.

Cobblestone roads in downtown Sanford.

Spanish moss hanging from a tree in down town Sanford.

By now we were getting hungry.  Stopped at a little place called Tony's Deli.  The little advertisement on the sidewalk boasted of the #1 Gyros.  We both got a Gyro and decided to split the fries.  The girl cooked too many fries and just divided them on our plate.  This was the best Gyro I have had in a long time.

Spotted a water fountain in town.

An old building.  The date on the buildings always fascinate me.  Had to get the shot.

The next few pictures are from the outside of a building.  I don't recall if it is a museum or an art gallery.  It was interesting to see all the items inbedded in the concrete.

I have a Star Trek Fan.  She pointed this out right away.

Wonder who these girls are.

Appropriate for a Mom/Daughter outing to spot this.

Wonder what these keys opened.

An assortment of shells.

An fire house which was converted to a store front.

And if you are interested, you can buy the old jail house. 

Thought this was an interesting display.

Saw this on a pylon when walking down to the War memorial.

 End of the trip.  Back home in Indiana.  Sorting out the free patterns (free you say) and the assortment of fabrics. 

The fabric we purchased for the free patterns. 

More fabric and free patterns. 

And more free patterns and fabric.

These few patterns were from Indiana.  The above ones were from Florida.

Fabric that was purchased in Indiana. 
Some fabric I found at home that will work with those free patterns too.  

Some times 'Free' is not always what it means.  We spent quite a bit on fat quarters and yards of material.  It was a great birthday adventure and it was so nice to see my FL girl again.  

So I will not get my Row by Row done by the end of the contest, but I will be looking forward to making these for my two daughters.  This may be my 2016 project.  Please stop by and see how my progress is next year on these two quilts.  Also don't forget to stop by and see the progress of the 20 year old quilt I am working on and my husband's camper, both are coming along well.  

Happy Reading! 


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