Friday, October 23, 2015

20 year project getting there

I went through my stash of material and found these too prints that I will use for the sashing and border of of my 20 year old project.  The pink I cut into 1-1/2 inch strips and the red into 2 inch strips.  

I had already shown that I sewed these strips all together.  I wind them up on my hand so they are not tangled on the floor.  This crank on my sewing table (lowers the insert) helps to hold it while I sew the blocks on to the strip.

Jimmy likes to help by getting under foot.

Trimmed to the size of the block.

Seven  blocks sewn together (here are two) and then another strip at the top the length of the seven strips

One row completely done.

All the rows connected and a final strip added around the edge.  I thought it came out pretty neat.  I like how the blocks stand out now.  I can see now that the last two rows do not match up, and when I looked at it closely I could see that one of the blocks is longer and narrower than the others in that row.  I still like the look of the quilt overall so I'm fine with that .

Need to put a border on this one then ready to quilt.  Getting anxious to do the quilting. 

Hope you stop by and see how this 20 year project progresses.  I am totally having fun with this.

Happy Reading! 


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