Friday, October 2, 2015

Birthday Weekend continued

I know my birthday was over a month ago but here are a few more highlights.  My husband met me at the airport with a bouquet of flowers.  While walking to the car I found a five dollar bill laying on the floor.  We used it to pay our $4.00 parking fee.  Lucky find with a dollar to spare. 

He said he went to four stores to find my favorite flower. 

On Monday, my Indiana girl has off, so we did a girls day out together.  First stop breakfast at Bob Evans.  Eggs, hash browns, bacon and pumpkin bread for me.  Yum.  I sent a picture of my meal to my husband who was at work and starving. Of course I did not know it when I sent the picture.

After breakfast we headed to a quilt store to get another Row by Row pattern from Indiana.  The store was remodeling in once section, and most of the fabric was crammed into another section.  We maybe had one foot to walk between the shelves of fabric.  I'd like to go back to see how their remodel went.  We got the pattern and bought some fabric that would be great for manatees and turtles.  

Grays for the manatees and the green will be the sea turtles backs. 

After shopping we decided to go look at a house in a nearby town.  I thought if I just went down this one road we would be there in no time.  However we were not on the road I thought we were on.  After awhile I saw we were not even close to where we should be, so I had my daughter look up on her phone on how to get to the town we were heading for.  After turning several times left, right, left, right, stopped for construction and yuckky tar spreading, we came upon one town I was familiar with.  

We stopped at the DQ for a potty break and I treated myself to an ice cream, my daughter was still stuffed from the breakfast we had.   Behind the DQ was another quilt store that was on the Row by Row list.  What a lucky find,  unfortunately they were closed on Mondays.  I'll have to check them out another time.

Back on the road, more turns we finally came to the town with the house, we drove by a few times then headed home.  We didn't do very much that day, but it was a nice day for a ride and we had a good time getting lost.  

I have decided that this 2015 Row by Row will be my 2016 project.  I know I will never get them done before the end of October 2015 because all I have done so far is wash the fabric and iron it.  

This has been my best birthday so far. Spending time with two of the most amazing women I know.  

Indiana Girl

Florida Girl

My next posting will be an update to the camper, and watch for more on my 20 year old quilt.  

Happy Reading! 


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