Sunday, October 4, 2015

Camper Update

So my husband has been working on his camper. Not every day or weekend, things come up or he is just too tired after work to work on it.  Slow process. I don't know if we will be able to use it this year or not.

Before he painted it, we should have gotten pictures, he put metal strips on all the corners and seams.  He used a black undercoating over the metal strips so that the paint would stick.  Did a primer coat and then painted it with Rust-oleum Restore 10x.   Color is Sage.

No doors on the back yet.  Still need to  be made.

Small opening in back will be for the air conditioner.

The line is the edge of the metal strip that covers the corners.

So impressed with the paint, he decided to paint the trailer itself.

The trailer was baking in the son, he decided to turn it around and bake the other side.

Two windows on this side.

The front with the metal strips covering the top, center and bottom edge.

Up close of the strips.  He had gotten some really nice fasteners then realized they would not be seen once painted.  We can still make out the shapes.

One of the corner posts.

The air conditioner opening.  Finished metal edging and painted thoroughly.

Up close of the fender. The paint is so thick he had to dab it with a paintbrush on the metal to get a good coverage.

One of the sides.

He got a ladder out of the garage so he could take pictures of the top of it. 

I went up stairs on the balcony to take pictures of the top.  
All this work to haul that motorcycle to new locations for us to explore. 
He has started the doors this week.  Can't wait until he gets these on.  He also needs to finish the floor.  Right now it is just 2 x 8 treated wood planks with large gaps between them.  He is planning on covering it with plywood and then using foam seal underneath to close those gaps.  

I think it looks great.  I like the color. It will be exciting to be able to use it, hopefully soon.  

Happy Reading! 


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