Saturday, October 31, 2015

Second Part of the 20 Year Project

So when I started this project some 20 years ago, I intended to make one large quilt for our full size bed.  Not sure what I was thinking, that was a huge undertaking for someone who knew nothing about quilting.  20 years later I am still learning something new every day.  

I have decided to make two quilts, one with the pink sashing and one with the red sashing.  The pink is eight blocks by seven blocks, with smaller sashing between.  The red will have a larger sashing and is seven blocks by seven blocks.  Surprisingly they came out to be about the same size, and fit on the entire top of my queen size bed. I did have a few blocks left over, so I can just imagine how big this would have been if I had finished it 20 years ago. 

Getting the red sashing together.

All set to start sewing.
Sewing the blocks to the sashing. I like this process and love how the blocks gather together.

Pressed and ready to connect together in a row of eight.
Sewing the sashing on the row of blocks.

I liked how the pink sashing quilt turned out, but when I saw how the red one turned out, I was like "WOW!"

Well that block got put in wrong, which threw off the sashing.  Since this is a practice quilt, I'm not to stressed about how it looks and it will give the quilt a little bit of character.  

Red and pink ready for a border. 
Hunted through my stash to find these two fabrics for the border.

Borders attached.

Ready for the quilting.  Not sure how I will do the quilting on these two.  All over stippling, go around each log cabin with squiggly line on the sashing or do each block with a different pattern.  I am heavily leaning toward overall stippling.

I will be posting pictures of the back shortly.  Not a plain back by any means.  This is a real scrap buster quilt.  

I think they are pretty.

Happy Reading! 


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