Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Small helpful project

I was going to start on my 20 year old project again, but wanted to make something for myself that would be very helpful in my sewing.  I saw a tutorial on line for this and thought I should make one for myself. 

I cut two pieces of shelf liner, stacked them and started sewing binding around the two.

Folding the binding over and stitched it down on the opposite side.

All stitched and ready for the 'pillow'  Made a tube and with additional shelf lining I rolled up and put in the tube.

Sewed the tube on the end of the mat.  Finished.  Not quite the one in the tutorial, but it will work. 

For the sewing machine foot pedal.   I got tired of chasing my foot pedal when I was sewing.  It was always sliding on the carpet, chair mat or hard floor.  I sometimes would stick a box behind it from sliding, but that ended up being awkward when trying to move around and here is a box in the way.   This little mat worked great, where ever I place it on the floor it stays put.

I have come up with another ideas on my own for binding and strips of fabrics.  I made a prototype and am working on making something a little more permanent.  Will share soon. 

Happy Reading! 


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