Monday, November 30, 2015

Camper Doors

My husband put the gate down so I could get pictures of the door.  He has been putting hardware on the door too.  Not quite done, but here we go. 

The doors look tan, but they are the same green as the rest of the camper.  The black handle has a hole in it so we can add a padlock.

The inside of the door has two bolt locks to hold the door in place.  There will be another bolt lock to hold the second door to this door. 

A door stop was added for the other door to rest on and to close up the gap between the two doors.
Not much of a post this time.  Just wanted to get these doors on here before I forgot.  

I am slowly working on my sewing. Hopefully, I will have something soon on that.

Happy Reading! 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Camper is coming along

While I have been upstairs sewing away on my 20 year project, my husband has been working diligently on his camper.  Here are some of the most recent improvements.

This was when he finished painting it.  He has been working on the doors. 
Completed doors.  The metal strips is what he put over all the seams on the camper.  They were then painted over.

Looked all over to get the right kind of hinge.  He found spray paint to match the color of the camper.
Adding some caulk to the door before painting.

The inside of the door.  Nice and sturdy.

Inside the camper the floor is down. 

Inside of the doors.  The doors are all painted but I was not able to get a good picture of the outside because he had the gate up.

Beneath the camper.  After gluing and screwing the floor down inside, he put spray foam between the floor boards. 

No, not a starry night.  To protect the bottom of the camper, he rolled on roofing tar. 

When showing him this picture he realized he would need to take care of the rust on the tongue of the trailer. 

This little door will go over the air conditioner hole when we are not having to use the air conditioner or when pulling the camper.
Getting ready to add some foam seal to the inside of the door.

All ready.  Just need to add a handle and some attachment screws.

Surprised me when I looked out the window.  Hooked up to the truck and getting ready to put the motorcycle in for a test fit. The windshield is a bit tall for the door way contemplating cutting a small section out of the frame of the doorway or getting a new windshield, which is cracked already.  I think we are leaning toward a new windshield. 

I'm getting ready to do some quilting, so may not post for a few weeks.  Hope you enjoy this blog, thanks for visiting. 


Saturday, November 7, 2015

The back of the 20 year Quilt

I am still trying to use up some of the material I have on hand.  I'm going to do a disappearing nine-patch for the back.  Lots of different color fabrics.  This will possibly be a reversible quilt.

I am making this a big nine patch block.  Cut the blocks 12 1/2 x 12 1/2 inches. I will need 4 nine patch blocks for the back of each quilt.  The back will be a little big and I will be cutting some off on the edges after quilting, but I think the overall look will be neat looking.
The four nine patch blocks sewn together.

Covers most of my bed.

I just love it when the corners come together perfectly.

And then there are some that just prove I am not perfect.

Folded the four panels in half and cut them down the middle.

Stacked all the halves and getting ready to cut them into quarters.

Done.  Now for some flipping and sewing them all back together.

Holding the panels together with Wonder clips.  Great little invention.

After the nine patches were completed, cut into quarters, flipped and resewn. 

Each quarter had a large square, small square and two rectangles. 

One of the panels on the second back.  I like that cat that is looking directly at me with the curved tail, like he is saying "Here I am.'
Two more panels I found in my material.  Thought it would be neat to include them on the back.  Too bad I could not find a dog print

Next is the quilting.  Still thinking of how I should do this.  Stippling all over?  Around each log cabin? I have even thought of doing it from the back side and going around the cats and some of the planets(above).  Then I thought I could do each log cabin block differently. Decisions, decisions.  

I'm off to quilting for the day why my husband works overtime. 

Happy Reading!