Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Covered Bridge

Indiana is big on covered bridges.  So it was not a surprise that one of the quilts shops had a row that included a covered bridge.   Parke County has the most covered bridges in Indiana, and there is a Covered Bridge Festival that runs two weeks every fall.  We have gone several years to the Mansfield Flea Market that runs the same time.  We enjoy seeing all the vendors peddling their wares, plus craft vendors and endless food vendors.  You won’t go hungry here.  There is a covered bridge that can be walked across to even more vendors.  We did not go this year as we went to Canal Days in Metamora.  They have about the same vendors here, but only run one weekend.  If you are lucky, you can take a ride in a canal boat pulled by horses.  There is also a train that runs from north of Indianapolis down to Metamora several times a day.  Someday I might just take that ride. 

Because I was more into the piecing process and anxious to get this project done before years end, I did not take many pictures while making this row.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the process and completed row.

Covered Bridge row designed by Ruth Middleton  at Always In Stitches, Noblesville, IN 

Here is the finished covered bridge.  I chose the shingle roof, then when I looked at a picture of one of the covered bridges I have, I noticed that you can’t see the shingles and the front is usually white with lettering.  Oops.  Most of the covered bridges down here are painted red, so I used red for the sides and tried to make it look like the bridge when looking through it. 

On either side of the covered bridge is a creek, with rolling hills. 

The Indiana landscape near most of the bridges includes plenty of trees.  I have all the trunks and leaves cut out, ready to applique on.  This pattern called for 3 different sizes, and I believe I have 3 of each.

Adding the trunks on the hills.  Looks like someone went on a tree trimming frenzy.

Looks like spring time with all the trees in bloom.  Though these look nice, I’m thinking autumn colors of reds, oranges and yellows would look very pretty on this row. 

Just before I did the applique stitching.

Some of the applique I just did a tight stitch, hoping that when it is washed it will fray a little,  giving it the look of leaves and texture. 

Stitched around the bridge, not quite in the ditch.

This is what the completed panel looks like (less the applique stitching).   I love the trees and the water in this one. 

Stop back soon, as we go fishing.   To see more on this project I'm doing, click on the titles below. 

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