Sunday, January 10, 2016

Camper On Hold

My husband has been working on the camper on and off.  The weather will only allow him to stay in the garage only so long before he starts to feel the cold in his bones.   

Here are a few shots of the doors and the cover for the hole for the air conditioner.  

The air conditioner hole now has a door.  The little black knobs hold it in place. 

The outside of the air conditioner hole cover.  The black line is a foam seal. 

He bought two wheels that will be mounted on either side of the doors on the outside.  This will prevent the door from swinging too far and getting damaged.  He later painted these the same sage green as the camper.

Inside the door he placed two bolt locks, which will lock the two doors together.

 Adding the door trim and seal.

The seal on the doors is giving him fits as he is trying to put it on all four edges.  The other day he said he is going to take a break from it for the winter. He has primed the interior of the camper, hoping to protect the wood over the winter. 

Hopefully he will get it finished so we can use it next spring, summer and fall.   Check back this spring to see how he finishes this project off.  

Happy Reading! 


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