Thursday, January 7, 2016

Completing The Christmas In Paris Quilt

Back in October 2014, I made a small lap quilt which I titled Christmas in Paris.  There was a red and white print with the Eiffel Tower on it.  It came out cute, but I did not like the quilting I did on it.  I did stitch in the ditch just around each block.  It just didn't feel like it was sturdy enough, so I put it away.  

Fast forward to Christmas 2015.  I wanted to give this to my daughter, who has always wanted to go to Paris.  I pulled it out and did an all over stitching with white thread, it did make it a little more sturdier too.  I only wish I had used red thread in the bobbin so the stitching on the back did not stand out so much.  

Here are some pictures of the finished quilt which landed safely in FL two days before Christmas.  

When it was 'finished' in 2014.  Not much quilting was done. 

After I did some quilting.  Looks like the layers will hold together better. 

I think it looks nice. 

Folded and ready for the air flight to FL.  

Merry Christmas FL Girl.

Happy Reading! 


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