Tuesday, January 19, 2016

FL Girl's Bag - By The Sea

Well I can't make something for one daughter without making something for the other, so both girls received a bag for Christmas. 

FL girl is not into Star Wars.  She loves horses and the beach.  A few years ago I made her a  table runner with a beach and ocean theme.  She loved it.  Of course I can't just buy enough fabric for one project and be done with it, I had plenty left over.  So I made her bag a beach and ocean theme.   Check it out. 

Started with a triangle adding different fabrics as I go.  Getting ready to start adding some sand to the water.

Same technique was used as the Star Wars bag. The center of this is mostly the 'beach' area which will be the bottom of the bag. 

A different view.  This bag is ready for quilting. 
Almost done quilting. I did different techniques in each of the different fabrics.

Blue Waves.

Lots of pebbles and green ripples.

Quilted the lines of the seaweed fabric.

More blue waves, getting better. 

Loving this machine, I am having so much fun.  Thank you to my wonderful husband.

I asked my husband what he thought I should do with the light colored 'sand'.  He thought a little larger pebble, more like rocks.  I think it came out nice.

Found this neat fabric on clearance for the lining.

Turning the bag.

The front of the bag.

The back of the bag.  Sorry this is not a very clear picture. 

One blue strap, one green.  The inside of the strap matches the lining.  

I didn't put pockets in this bag, but I love how it turned out.  I did some improvements over the last bag.  I didn't make the side seams as big as I did on the Star Wars bag.  I used 1/2 seams on it and 1/4 inch on this bag, which I discovered after the bag was complete the 1/2 inch seam was much to bulky on the inside of the bag. 

I managed to get this bag done in time to ship it to FL with the Christmas in Paris quilt.  I hope FL girl enjoys this By the Sea bag.

Happy Reading!