Saturday, January 16, 2016

IN Girl's Bag - Star Wars

Not on only do we have Christmas in December, but IN girl was born a week before.  

She is a huge Star Wars fan and this year the movie came out on her 30th birthday. Needless to say she was quite excited.  

Through out the year we collected several Star Wars items to give her for her birthday.  Besides the little lap quilt,  I also made her a bag out of assorted Star Wars printed fabric. Check it out.

My daughter didn't know it, but I had her purchase me the foam batting from Amazon for her bag.  Of course, I paid her back for it. 

The Star Wars fabric and lining.

 Just like the previous bag, random pieces of three different fabrics were sewn on to the fusible foam batting. 
The starting point was the triangle shaped print with the Millennium Falcon.  I quilted around and through out the ship. I also outlined all the characters on the comic strip pieces.

FL girl bought me this neat little iron for Christmas 2014.  It worked great at pressing my quarter inch seams as I added the strips of fabric and folding them over.  Since the foam is fusible, my regular iron was too big and I wasn't in the mood to have to clean the stickiness off.   Great little tool, until ......

... I grabbed that rod by mistake.  Nasty little burn on my finger, made it difficult to do things for a few days. 
Jimmy trying to help again.  I think he is watching the goings on outside though.
The lining.  My husband thought I should put pockets inside this bag.  Double folded piece of fabric, the width of the bag.  Then I made two seams in the center, with double stitches, to make three pockets. A Velcro closure on the center section.

Double seam across the bottom to make this sturdy.  The ends are caught up in the side seams to make the final two pockets.  A 4-5 inch opening on the side of the lining bag for turning later.

Okay, now he's just getting bored. At least he leaves me some room to sit.  

The outside of the bag is inserted into the lining bag, which is turned inside out so the right sides are together.  Some of my quilting can be seen on the back side the bag.  Love these little clips, they hold the two bags in place as I stitch them together.

Pulling the outside of the bag through the lining opening.

Almost there. 

Whew!  That was a lot of foam to pull through that little opening. Oh, look at that, there are handles.  These were sewn on the outside bag, tucked in between the bag and lining before sewing them together.  Stitched up the opening on the side of the lining.
Double stitched the top edge to hold together.  Because the reverse side of the foam is also fusible, I pressed the lining to hold it in place.  The outside of the straps match the outside of the bag and the inside of the straps match the lining.

The back of the bag.  The blue fabric has squiggly  or zig-zag lines, the comic fabric is quilted around each character, and the black Darth Vader print has swirls.  The Darth Vader print also glows in the dark!  How cool is that!

The front of the bag. I like the way the Falcon quilting came out.  

Another view.  I really like this bag.

Inside of the bag.  The pockets are perfect for holding that huge cell phone of my daughters and anything else she doesn't want to lose in this big bag.

And don't forget my signature. 

I had a lot of fun doing this bag for my IN girl, so much that I made a bag for my FL girl too.  Please come back to see it. 

Happy Reading! 


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