Sunday, January 3, 2016

Just Call Me A Bag Lady

I had to put the 20 year quilt project on hold while I made a few Christmas and Birthday presents.  

I came across a neat video on making a bag and thought it would be a great present for my daughters.  The foam in the video was expensive and I didn't have the funds to purchase it when I needed it, so I made a bag with fusible backed batting that I had from a previous project.  It came out real cute, but the size was smaller than I thought it would be, so when the price of the foam was found much cheaper, I bought some and made the next bag bigger.  It was a hit with several of my co-workers and my daughters seemed to like them as well.  

Bag 1:
Sewing random pieces on the batting.  Rights sides together, 1/4 inch seam.  
Turned and pressed.

The back.  Random stitching.

Jimmy trying to help.

Doing some quilting. Not Leah Day by any stretch, but I'm working on it.
This is what the outside looks like.  All over quilting with some swirls.  

The back.  Thought this looked kind of neat. 
The lining.  Making a square bottom.

The straps.  Ironed on the fusible batting on to two strips.

Sewing on the front of the strap.  This is a binding foot, but it worked great at keeping my fabric where I needed it to be.

Folded and pressed both raw edges, then folded the top fabric over and sewed the two folded edges together.

The finish strap. 

This was not in the video, but I wanted the bag to be able to close, so I am adding a button loop.  Making this my own creation.

Straps and button loop sewn to the raw top edge of the outside of the bag.  I did not take pictures, but after this I put the outside of the bag inside the lining bag, right sides together, and stitched around the top edge, making sure I was catching those straps and button loop.  Left a small opening, then turned the bag right side out, tucked the lining in and stitched again around the top edge.

The finished bag.

The back. 

Finishing touches.  My name and a  button I found in my button box.

I will be posting the other bags I made for my IN girl, my FL girl, and my sister-in-law.   Please come back and see those projects and others.  

If you would like to see the how-to video please click below: 

Impromptu Bag Part 1
Impromptu Bag Part 2 

You can also find the pattern in the MOD book by Missouri Star Quilt Company.   

Happy Reading! 



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