Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Last Minute Bag

I wasn't sure if I had it in me to make another bag for my Sister-in-Law for Christmas.  I was rushing to get my daughter's things done.  Then three days before Christmas I started the process.  

The first night after work, I cut several strips from pink and green floral prints.  These are the same colors/fabrics that were in her lap quilt I made last year.  I loved making that little quilt and how it turned out. 

Night two: Instead of starting with a odd shaped piece, I decided to just sew the strips on the bag.  Each bag I have done, I have changed a little bit.  Each one is unique. 

The strips were sewn on an angle to make the bag a little more interesting.

Since I had difficult pressing the lining on the inside of the previous bags, I decided to press it on first and do the quilting on both sides of the bag.  
The lining is larger than the bag.
Night three: Quilting the layers together.  Since I was trying to get this done, I did random size swirls all over.

Occassionaly, the fabric would hit me and I would end up with a flat sided swirl. 

The lining side.  If I was not so rushed, I would have done better swirls, looks like I need a lot of practice.
Christmas Morning:  Finishing the bag.  I folded over lining side edges to the bag side and stitched in place.

Making the foam handles.  Pretty dark green for the outside of the handles and the pink lining for the inside of the handles.

Stitched up the sides using a 1/4 inch seam.

Folded over the top lining to the outside of the bag

Tucked the straps into the top edge lining.

To make the straps even more sturdy, I did an 'X" over each one.

The inside of the bag bottom, I  folded the corner up and tacked it to the sides. 

The finished bag.  A very sturdy bag and  the lining will stay in place.
Inside of the bag.

The outside of the bag.  I like the division of the two sides, it doesn't look like I tried to match the fabrics on the two sides. My signature can be seen in the picture.

I really love the way this bag came out.  My Sister-In-Law loved it too.  I can almost see someone using this bag for a knitting project.  Getting ideas.

When I look at my finished projects, I can't help feeling like I did a good job, despite my many errors and imperfect quilting.  I am still learning and improving as I go.  I already have thoughts of improving this bag again, even making a smaller purse size bag.  

Thank you for visiting my blog site and hope you return to see my next project.

Happy Reading! 



  1. Very nice! I like the swirls the way they are. They look kind of whimsical that way. I made my own grocery bags, I wish they stood up nicely like this.

  2. When I made the brown and blue bag ( ) I used fusible batting. It did not stand up. I broke down and bought the fusible foam, which gives the last 3 bags the ability to stand up. It is great stuff and easy to work with.