Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Husband Picks Out Fabric

I had in mind a bag for my daughter who is really into Star Wars.  Just so happens, the movie opened on her 30th birthday in our area.  She was ecstatic and I think a little overwhelmed for the whole day.  
She had planned to see it at midnight on her birthday and had bought two tickets for her and her fiance.  He had to work the next day, so surprised her with tickets for an earlier showing.  She later went with his niece to see it at the midnight showing. By the time we had dinner with her that evening, she was pretty beat and overwhelmed.  

Back to the bag.  I was purchasing some Star War fabric and here comes my husband with two bolts of fabric, asking if I could make a quick quilt with just the two fabrics, one on each side.  Well, that has to be the quickest quilt project I would ever do.

I was originally going to put the words 'STAR WARS' on it, but when I did the first one, I couldn't even tell where I did it, so I opted to do an all over quilting with squiggly lines and swirls.

Used white thread on this side and black bobbin thread on the back.

Looks like my tension is off a bit. On the back side, I could see white thread poking through on the black background so it looked like stars.  Okay, maybe I planned that. 

Adding on the binding. 

Did a zig-zag stitch to hold the binding in place.
 Added my signature.

Nice little lap quilt, that she really liked.

So between my husband and I, we came up with a neat little present for our daughter.  It's always nice when we work together on a project. 

Come back to see the Star Wars bag I made her too. 

Happy Reading! 



  1. What is the screen on the front of your quilting machine.

    Neat quilt.

    1. The screen on the front allows me to program the machine. I can do manual stitching, which is great for free motion quilting, where I have to stop and go several times. Or I can do regulated quilting with a stitch regulator, which is good for all over stippling. The stitch regulator keeps the stitches all the same size, no matter how fast or slow I go. I can program the stitch size and the speed of the machine. There is also a calculator and stitch counter.