Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blue Springs State Park, FL

Between watching FL girl ride her horse we took in a couple of Florida's State Parks. 

Blue Springs State Park -

Always a good reminder.  The last like cracks me up.

This is a manatee refuge area.  When we were paying the fee for the park, there was a sign that said they saw 91 manatees that morning.  We saw about 20. 

Some of the guests thought that the dark spot on the little island was an alligator, but I believe it was just dirt.

I love how the ferns had attached themselves to the tree trunks. 

A family of Manatees.

Very graceful creatures.  It was nice seeing them in their own habitat.

We wanted to go into the house but it was locked. I want that porch.

We saw a few turtles and they looked like they were sunning themselves on the fallen trees, however I think they got stuck there when the tide went out.  None of their feet were touching the tree.

A few more manatees.

Not a manatee, but at catfish. Big one too.

I love the trees down here.  They are huge and with the Spanish Moss swaying in the breeze, beautiful to look at.  FL girl is standing in front of this one.

A bird, turtle, manatee and ALLIGATOR!

This wooden path goes from one end of the inlet to the other.  A great way to view the manatees who go into the inlet because the water is warmer there.

A picture for my FL girl.  She was amazed at the height of this palm tree.
More Spanish Moss and not sure if I see a manatee in here or not.

One tree next to the Thursby House.  My husband wanted his picture taken so I had a comparison, I couldn't get the whole tree in.

Saw several of these birds.

My husband took this picture of me and FL girl, just so he could show the size of the trees.

At the end of the trail we could see a few manatee hiding among the fallen trees. 

I took several movies of the manatee.  They are a slow moving lot for sure, but this is what I  was able to get.  




Hope you enjoyed this post, please come back soon as we tour the next park and the Fountain of Youth.

Happy Reading! 


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