Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fountain Of Youth

I see it has been awhile since I have posted.   We have been house hunting, with little success, which has been keeping us pretty busy lately.   Plus we have been doing a few projects on the side, more to come on those.  And if the weather was nice, we were out for a motorcycle ride.  Looking forward to doing more of that soon.

So back to our Florida trip we took in February, seems like such a long time ago.  Along with going to Blue Springs State Park, FL,  we also went to Ponce DeLeon Springs State Park and the Fountain of Youth.
Check out some shots I took.

Building near the entrance of the park. 
One beautiful flower.

More Spanish moss on the trees here.  It was beautiful swaying in the breezes we had that day.

A very large tree branch, which has attached itself to the ground.  Warning sign about climbing on the trees. 

Florida girl beneath one of the magnificent trees.  One of the trees is said to be over 600 years old.  Not sure if we came upon it or not.

Sugar Mill Restaurant.  Interesting restaurant, if we hadn't just had lunch we would have eaten here.  The tables have griddles built in and they bring pitchers of pancake batter for the customers to make right there.

Looking out over the dam.

Waterfall built right under the dam.  The pond is a spring fed pond and the excess over flows here.

Long ago grinding gears from the Sugar Mill.

FL girl standing by the 'Fountain of Youth'. 

Enough said.

Another area that was considered the Fountain of Youth. 

BustedHe wanted a picture to show the enormity of the trees.

I could see this red way up in the tree top but could not figure out what it was so I zoomed in as much as I could with my little camera and this is the picture I got.  Gorgeous.

Zooming in on the computer, I now see it is red leaves from the vines growing on the tree.

Before we head out, my husband decides to take a dip in the 'Fountain of Youth'.   This is a spring fed pond and several people were swimming that day, even though the water was very cold.  FL girl and myself decided to sit this one out. 

Heading out of the park.  I just love these trees and the moss. 

Our next stop will be in Daytona and the Casements.  

I am trying to get motivated to keep this blog going, so I hope you return.  Thanks for visiting. 

Happy Reading! 




  1. So pretty! I love Spanish moss.

    1. The Spanish moss makes the ordinary tree more beautiful. I love it.