Friday, May 13, 2016

Daytona, The Casements and Downtown Disney

Our trip was coming to an end.  We decided we would head up to Daytona/Ormond Beach area.  FL girl surprised my husband by stopping at the Harley store there.   Then we checked out the Casements. 

Finally after years of driving by, we stop in.  It was a pretty cool day and not many motorcyclists were there.  Walking through the store was like walking through a museum.  I did not take any pictures inside the store, so this is the only picture proving we were actually there.

A car give away.  We did not sign up for it.

One of the prettiest sights I will ever see in the United States.

The Atlantic Ocean.

A walk along the beach.

One of the many seagulls on the beach, taking a break.  Yes those are tire tracks on the beach.

Watching the tide come in and marveling at the expanse of the beach.

This is as far as my husband will go into the ocean.

Caught the cars driving on the beach.  I was surprised they allow this.

Yes, even I took my shoes off and got my feet wet.

FL girl watching the car coming down the beach.

As we were leaving the beach, this young man came along with his parrot on his shoulder and started feeding the seagulls Cheerios. 

 We drove to Ormond Beach to tour The Casements.  I had never heard of them before so it was a nice little history tour as well.

This is Rockefeller Gardens, which is out front of the Casements.  Pretty little park. It was good to see all the green and flowers in the dead of winter.

A bridge leading to and from Ormond Beach and The Casements.

A pier close by.

The Casements - named due to all the casement windows.

Another fantastic looking tree.

Inside The Casements this is the first thing we see.  Beautiful.

And looking up we see this.

I just love this floor.

Second floor balcony which looks down on the floor.  Yes I took a picture of the floor from up there too.

I love the china they have on display in the kitchen and dining room.

The beautiful fireplace.

Taken from the second floor.

I love all the windows in this building, makes it look so bright and cheery.

In Rockefeller Gardens.

On our way back.

We were excited to just drive by the Daytona Speedway.

Big Chevrolet fans, my husband had to snap this picture. 

Our trip was coming to an end, but would not be complete without stopping by Downtown Disney at least once. 

For our IN girl, a big Star Wars Fan.  Of course we stopped in and picked up a souvenir for her.

Yes that is a car, in the water.  They give car rides in the pond at Downtown Disney, for a price.  We opted out.

Not sure what this is, but I love the blue sky.  What a beautiful day.

Outside Trex restaurant.  We ended up eating at Wolfgang Pucks. 

FL girl giving Pluto a kiss goodbye. 

We had a great time visiting our FL girl, looking forward to another visit in the not to far future.

Hope you enjoyed seeing some highlights from our FL trip.  I know I take a lot of pictures and maybe I should rename my blog 'My Life In Pictures'.  

I will be back soon with another project featuring the talents of my husband.

Happy Reading! 


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