Sunday, May 15, 2016

Our Bargain Find

We were in Menards one day for a project that my husband is working on.  I just wander around looking at things and I always head to the back of the store to check out their clearance cabinets.  Not that I need a cabinet, I just like to look and dream. 

They had a nice cabinet, 24 x 24 x 96, priced at $100.  It looked real nice and I didn't see any damages on it so figured it was a special order that was brought back.   

Later I met up with my husband and told him about it.  He looked it over and just shrugged his shoulders, which I took as not interested in it.  I said, as I was walking away, that I thought it would make a nice small appliance cabinet, as mine are all over my counter top which I don't have much to spare.  

He then got excited about it, went back and checked it all over again.  He asked the guy if he would take $50 for it and he said yes, as it was a Lowes cabinet delivered to them by mistake and they don't have anything into it.  

So we loaded it up in our Equinox, what a tight fit, I was almost sitting on the dashboard, and drove about 50 miles home.  

Because my husband is my husband and he has to improve everything, this became his next project, instead of the project we originally went into  Menards for. 

It was a struggle to get this to our upstairs apartment.

Getting ready to 'beef' up the base of the cabinet.  This is going to be a free standing unit, so it needs additional weight on the base to prevent tip overs.
Knocked off the front kick plate area.

Cutting off 1 1/2 inches, this will allow the 2 x 4's for the base to be flush with the edge of the cabinet.

One side done.  Someone is going to have to vacuum that floor. 

All sides trimmed, sanded and the floor cleaned up.

Adding the 2 x 4s.  Notice the plastic is now down. Besides screwing, he also glues the boards for extra strength.

A good sturdy base.

Adding first set of trim boards.

The decorative trim boards are added.

He is showing me how much he cut off.  The space between the base and his thumb is about how much was cut off.

He applied a piece of oak luan plywood to the back.  This is going to be seen in our apartment so we wanted the back to look just as nice as the front.  He is now adding trim to the back and corners.

At the base, he did a reverse cut with the miter saw and added this little piece to finish off the end.

Trim at the top of the cabinet and side.

Tools of the trade.

The nail holes are all filled and sanded, ready for staining.

Blue tape to prevent any splash over.

He was stirring the stain and was amazed how much was in the can.  Usually it is down about 1/2 inch so it can be stirred without any splashing.  He was having trouble because it was to the brim.

First coat.  It is bringing out the different levels of the wood. 

Applying to the back. 
This looks pretty light.  He added another coat to both the bottom and the back. 

Completed.  This is the back, which is flat from top to bottom, to make moving with the appliance dolly easier.
Looks like he did a good job matching the stain to the cabinet.

Even the back is beautiful. 

Close up of the base.

The kitchen has two openings.  We put it in the first one.  The other opening goes to the dining area.

The bottom door holds most of the larger appliances. I was able to slide several cutting boards, place mats and cooling racks next to the top crock pot.  Not all these appliances were setting on my counter top.  Only two were, however with the Kitchenaid Mixer and toaster it was becoming quite crowded. 
The top section is holding some of the smaller appliances, my Tupperware containers and my tin of cookie cutters and cake decorating items.  And there is room to spare.
I couldn't get the whole cabinet in the picture due to not enough space between it and the counter across the room.  I had to set my camera close to the floor to get all the shelves in.  

Some of the small appliances came out of a lower cabinet, which I then quickly filled with large plastic bowls, cake plate cover and carriers that were crammed into the top of the pantry.  This allowed me to spread some of the other things out in the apartment pantry so I don't have to dig every time I need a bowl or pie plate.   

When we moved from our 4 bedroom house to a small two bedroom apartment we down sized and I got rid of a lot of cookware and things in my kitchen.  When we moved from the small apartment to a bigger one, I was shocked by how much I had stored and accumulated in that little apartment kitchen.  Now I have accumulated even more.  I think this will be it for me and small appliances...unless......... 

I want to thank my wonderful husband for all the work he put into this little (big) project.  After the initial cost of the cabinet of $50 and the trim, stain and hardware, we spent about $110. I priced this cabinet at Lowes, it was a special order item at $366. Wait hardware...he still needs to put on the handles and the soft door closures. Ah, in time.  

Stop back soon as I get back to my sewing projects.  

Happy Reading! 


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