Monday, June 27, 2016

Anniversary Date

A few weeks ago we celebrated our 31st anniversary of our marriage.  To make the day special, we decided to go to Shipshewana, Indiana.  So we boarded the dogs at Barkefellers the night before and headed out early in the morning since it was about a 3 hour drive and we would be getting back late.   Jimmy was whining with excitement when we pulled up to Barkefellers, I think he actually enjoys going there.
Here we are heading on our way.  This is our first selfie with my new phone.
The weather does not look too good as we head north.  But some awesome cloud formations.
It did rain for a bit, then the sun came out for the rest of the trip.

We made it.  Nice and sunny out now.   My husband petting the fake horse.
My turn to pet the fake horse. 
One of the buildings we walked through.  Many shops and several floors. On the top floor there was a merry-go-round.  The amount of wood in the building was astounding, and very beautiful.

One of the restaurants in this building.  I couldn't resist snapping this picture, as this (JoJo) was a nickname for our daughter when she was little. 

Several buildings had painted signs and murals.  I love to see them, I think it brightens up the places.
Looks like my husband has found another fake horse to pet.

We had lunch at the Pumpkinvine Cafe.  We each got a De-Railer sandwich, (Bacon, Turkey, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese and Mayo on Pretzel Bun)  Yum!

I'm always interested in the history of a place.

We took an Amish buggy ride into the country.  My husband was nervous about me snapping a picture, but I was sure not to get the driver in the picture. We were surprise at the sturdines of the buggy.

Another building we visited.  More shops and restaurants here.  We stopped in one shop and got coffee and tea, then set down in the center of the mall and rested our feet.

As we were sitting sipping our drinks, I noticed this mural right across from us.  It is way up by the ceiling (note the light fixture) so when sitting on the second floor it was level with us.
I just love the ceiling in this mall. I wonder what kind of wood that is.

We shopped in several quilt shops, antique stores, furniture stores and Yoder's Shopping Center - at the hardware store and department store.  By the time we were done shopping we had built up our appetite  for some fried chicken and headed over to Middlebury, IN to have dinner at Das Dutchman Essenhaus.  The chicken was delicious along with all the other good foods.  After dinner we walked around the shops there for a bit before heading for home.   

We really had a good time.  We are planning on going back on a Tuesday or Wednesday so we can go to the flea market, the Midwest's largest flea market.  Can't wait.  

We got home late Friday night, so we picked the pups up on Saturday morning.  Even though they were excited about staying at Barkefellers, they sure were glad to see us and practically dragged us out the door. 

Thank you for visiting my blog again.  I will be posting more about the Row by Row Experience Quilt project soon.

Happy Reading! 


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Row, row, row your boat

No, not row, row, row your boat, but Row By Row Experience - 2015. (Link is for 2016)
Sew... remember when I went to Florida last year for my birthday and visited FL girl. We drove 200 miles round trip going to different quilt shops to pick up patterns (and fabric) for the Row by Row Experience for 2015.

Sew...I'm finally getting around to doing this project.  Right now I have the row with two manatees done. I did two panels of those, one for each of my daughters. I also have one with Turtles going from the shore to the water done. Now I'm working on the one with the boats for FL girl's quilt. There will be 18 rows for the two quilts.  Still thinking about how to quilt these when the rows are done.

Check out the projects with all these great fabrics.  Love the colors. 

All the pretty fabrics.  Labeled for each project.
Florida patterns and fabric.

Some Indiana patterns.
Indiana and Florida  patterns and fabrics.

Washed and pressed, ready to make into rows.

Manatee and Baby - Pattern by Boutique 4 Quilters, West Melbourne, FL

A lot of tracing on to fusible web, ironed on to the fabric.  This is mama and baby manatees.


Three different colors of coral.

All cut out and ready to iron onto the back ground fabric.  I love this back ground for this piece.  FL girl has a good eye for picking out fabric. Those really do not look like manatees, big gray blobs right now.

Small zig-zag stitch around each piece will hold it in place permanently.
I also put a piece of muslin on the back to help with the stability of the zig-zag stitch.  It worked out great. 

With the details put in, these are so cute. I used the same gray thread for the details as I did for the zig-zag stitching around the outer edges. It was difficult to make out the details so I went and bought a darker thread.  The color was appropriately named - MANATEE.

The finished piece.

Going to Sea - Pattern by Wren's Nest Quilt Shop, Oviedo, FL**

FL girl found this great little pebble fabric.  I added it to the bottom edge (or right side depending how it will be put on the quilt) to make this row a little different. 

IN girl found this great fabric when we had our Girls Day outing.  It makes nice turtle backs, don't you think.

FL girl found this fabric for the alligator and turtles.   It looks good on the turtle, but I think it will look great for the alligators (coming soon).

This turtle is just about to the water's edge.

I used the same small zig-zag to go around the turtles, water and pebbles.

The completed row. 

I like how these came out.  Next two will be sailboats and ducks.  Can't wait to show these off.

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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Weekend 2016

What a great weekend.  Saturday morning I did some sewing on my 2015 Row by Row Experience quilts for my daughters while catching up on the laundry.  My husband was in the garage cleaning up the tools and excess items from working on the camper/trailer.  Later we went for a ride and looked at more houses, no success.

Sunday, I really didn't want to go anywhere, so I did some more sewing in the morning.   Finished some laundry, did a quick run of the vacuum and did some more sewing,  until we went out for dinner.  Another productive day.

Monday, however we decided to head to southern Indiana and go to one of the state parks.  Lincoln State Park.  What a beautiful, however hot, day.  We decided to hike around trail one, which went completely around the lake, and is 1.5 miles long.  We really enjoyed getting out with the pups.

Jimmy and Jack, getting ready to go hiking.

Two and half hours later we arrive at Lincoln State Park.

These next three pictures I panned across the lake.  I don't have the panographic feature on my camera. 

Just crossed over this bridge.  Love to see the lily pads in the lake.  Several areas were loaded with them.

My husband walking along a boardwalk and path with the pups.

Peeking through the wooded area at the lake.

An area with lots of lily pads.

Taking a break on a small bridge going over a stream.

Standing on the bridge, I took a shot in both directions of the stream.

Looking out toward the lake and paddle boat rental building.

What a beautiful area. Everything was so green.

Interesting tree, with it's branch growing down into the lake.

Looking through the pine tree at the lake. I love the pine trees with the long needles.

A fallen tree left to decompose.  It had some pretty shallow roots. 

More lily pads and a taller water plant mixed int.

Just beautiful.

The path is overgrown.  I bet by the end of summer that grass will all be gone from the many hikers it will see this season.

Coming toward the end of the trail, over looking the lake.

This was a nice long board walk. 

What a hike, we are tire and hot.

On the way home, relaxing with the air on.

I thought this was an interesting church (in downtown Jasper, IN) when we headed down to the park,  On the way back we were stopped at a light, so I was able to get this picture. 
A mural in Jasper, IN. 
What a great day we had, including the pups.  We are thinking of going camping here in the near future.  The camper is almost done.  

Hope you visit soon as I have started my 2015 Row By Row Experience quilts.  Yes quilts, I will be making two, one for IN girl and one for FL girl. Row by row.  

Happy Reading!