Saturday, June 4, 2016

Row, row, row your boat

No, not row, row, row your boat, but Row By Row Experience - 2015. (Link is for 2016)
Sew... remember when I went to Florida last year for my birthday and visited FL girl. We drove 200 miles round trip going to different quilt shops to pick up patterns (and fabric) for the Row by Row Experience for 2015.

Sew...I'm finally getting around to doing this project.  Right now I have the row with two manatees done. I did two panels of those, one for each of my daughters. I also have one with Turtles going from the shore to the water done. Now I'm working on the one with the boats for FL girl's quilt. There will be 18 rows for the two quilts.  Still thinking about how to quilt these when the rows are done.

Check out the projects with all these great fabrics.  Love the colors. 

All the pretty fabrics.  Labeled for each project.
Florida patterns and fabric.

Some Indiana patterns.
Indiana and Florida  patterns and fabrics.

Washed and pressed, ready to make into rows.

Manatee and Baby - Pattern by Boutique 4 Quilters, West Melbourne, FL

A lot of tracing on to fusible web, ironed on to the fabric.  This is mama and baby manatees.


Three different colors of coral.

All cut out and ready to iron onto the back ground fabric.  I love this back ground for this piece.  FL girl has a good eye for picking out fabric. Those really do not look like manatees, big gray blobs right now.

Small zig-zag stitch around each piece will hold it in place permanently.
I also put a piece of muslin on the back to help with the stability of the zig-zag stitch.  It worked out great. 

With the details put in, these are so cute. I used the same gray thread for the details as I did for the zig-zag stitching around the outer edges. It was difficult to make out the details so I went and bought a darker thread.  The color was appropriately named - MANATEE.

The finished piece.

Going to Sea - Pattern by Wren's Nest Quilt Shop, Oviedo, FL**

FL girl found this great little pebble fabric.  I added it to the bottom edge (or right side depending how it will be put on the quilt) to make this row a little different. 

IN girl found this great fabric when we had our Girls Day outing.  It makes nice turtle backs, don't you think.

FL girl found this fabric for the alligator and turtles.   It looks good on the turtle, but I think it will look great for the alligators (coming soon).

This turtle is just about to the water's edge.

I used the same small zig-zag to go around the turtles, water and pebbles.

The completed row. 

I like how these came out.  Next two will be sailboats and ducks.  Can't wait to show these off.

Happy Reading! 


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