Monday, August 22, 2016

Alligators ~ Beware

Yes, alligators are in one of the 2015 Row by Row Experience rows.  Not only that, there is a little man fishing off the dock in alligator infested water.  Well, maybe not that bad, there are only two.  

 FL girl decided she did not want the little man sitting on the dock fishing on her quilt.  No problem, we just cut him off the pattern.  Other than that, most of this row was done as the pattern directed.
Check it out.

Hoping For a Bite by Jane (Hamrock) Ashbrook at TheSewing Studio Fabric Superstore, Maitland, FL

Now that I just typed that title, I wonder who is hoping for a bite – the little man fishing or the alligators in the water.

Bright blue sky with fluffy clouds, darker shore on the other side of the water and a sandy beach make this background up.

Adding a dock to the picture.  The dock and man were all one piece in the pattern and would have been black.  I chose a wood print to make the dock more realisitic. 

Spiky grass, in various heights, are added to the front partially hiding the dock. I see some sneaky alligators too.

A close up of the grass and dock after the applique.

The alligators swimming toward the dock.

The finished row.  I am including two pictures because they look so different with the lighting, I couldn’t decide which one looked better. Though the top one does look a little blurry.

This looks a lot different than the pattern, no little man and no sun in the back ground.  I like it though.  

Come back soon and check out more of this project.  If you would like to see this years rows, check out the 2016 Row by Row Experience website.  

Happy Reading! 


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