Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Just Ducky

FL girl and I had driven over 200 miles in Florida last year going to all the different quilt shops to locate patterns for the 2015 Row by Row Experience.  A lot of fun and a lot of driving.    

In one of the shops we saw a winner quilt and the pattern for the ducks. The person used fabric that looked like a lightning storm for the sky.  Of course FL girl would like that for hers, however we could not locate any in the many shops we visited.  I checked in Indiana as well and the closest I could find was just a dark starry night sky.  Guess that is what you will be getting FL girl.   

Check our the progress of this row. 

Let’s Go Sew by Fabric, Fabric, Fabric,  Rockledge, FL (sorry there is no website available)

It was a dark and starry night with turbulent waters. 
Momma and a baby duck.  The original pattern has the Momma holding an umbrella.  FL girl was not too keen on the umbrella so I left that off.  Another change was that the words “LET’S GO SEW”  were on the water part.  We opted to leave this off too.  

One of the baby ducks. I used a bright yellow seersucker for the ducks, which gives the ducks a little bit of texture.  I didn’t like how thin the fabric was because I can see the dark showing through and thought maybe I should have fused some muslin on the back before putting them on the sky/water.

Making some beaks.
Added the beaks to the ducks.  Starting to look pretty good.

The seam under the duck is because the water fabric was purchased as a fat quarter so I had to piece together.  I tried to get the pattern of the water to match, I thought I did pretty well until I look at this picture, it is off a bit.  However unless you are really looking for this, I don’t think anyone will notice

All put together and ready to be appliqued.  Because we left off the umbrella, Momma got an extra baby.

Completed applique of Momma and her babies.   For the eyes I did a zig-zag stitch at a very small width and length. 

 The finished row.  I like that the last little duck is spaced farther apart, there is always one in the family that likes to lag behind. 

This was a fun one to make, very quick.  The ducks are so cute too.  To join in the fun for 2016, please visit the 2016 Row by Row Experience website (click on name).

Happy Reading! 


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