Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sailing Away

It has been awhile since I have been on here. I hope in my absence everyone enjoyed reading about my husband's project on the Guest Post.  He has had more hits on that one post than I have had on any one of my posts.  He is a little disappointed that no one sent any comments on it though, he was really looking for some input.  Now back to my stuff. 

I have pictures uploaded for several of the different Row By Row projects. Trying to find the time to post them is a different story, and they may not be seen in the order I have done them.   I am really enjoying this project and am pleased on how the finished row comes out.   I must say that FL and IN girl both have a keen eye on what colors would go together.  I on the other hand struggle with the colors and am never sure if something will work or not.  

Row by Row Boats  by The Quilt Place,  Rockledge, FL

This pattern called for cutting pieces out of the sky/cloud fabric and piecing it with the sail and boat pieces. The more I looked at the example on the pattern, the more I didn't care for the sky. Some of the clouds were upside down, sideways, and it just looked chopped up.  I decided to change the pattern up.  I made my sky one long piece, about 36-37" in length and 10" wide. 
Next I drew all the sail boat pieces on the paper side of fusible webbing, and ironed it on the wrong side of the fabrics I picked.  When I got to the mast pieces, I couldn't figure out why they were so wide, almost an inch, but in the picture it is showing only about 1/4 inch.  Then it hit me, the pieces were designed to be stitched together not appliqued.  Now what?  I just stitched them together, then ironed on the the sky/cloud fabric. 

The pieces of one boat.  The pattern called for ribbon for the small flags, I just made a triangle piece of fabric and stitched it on.

One boat done.  The little yellow flag is sticking up in the air, but will lay down once I iron it on the sky fabric.

Five little boats ready to be put out to sea.

Arranging the boats on the sky/cloud fabric.

I cut a piece of water fabric same length as the sky and about 3" wide.  To make the water look wavy, I laid it out on my cutting board and took my rotary cutter and started down the long side making a cut that went in and out. I placed this over the bottom of the boats, this makes it look like the boats were in the water.  I had to rearrange the boats again before ironing the boats and the water down. 

Two boats.

Two more boats.

The last two.

A lot of applique stitching going into this row.

The finished row.
Even though I changed the way this was to be put together, I think it came out pretty good.  One thing I need to remember is to check the pattern before tracing the pieces so that they go in the same direction as on the example.  

If you would like to join the fun this year, check out the Row By Row Experience online for details by clicking here.

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