Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sunset Views

Another 2015 Row by Row Experience panel.  These are going to be very interesting quilts when finished.  The different patterns from assorted quilt shops will make this unique, as no two quilts will ever be the same.  I also believe anyone making one of the Row by Row Experience rows, has done it in her/his own style.  

The colors/fabrics on this quilt are great.  When FL girl and I were picking up the patterns, she was also choosing what fabrics for each row.  When we got back to her place, she wrote down on scraps of paper which row each piece went to, making my job easier.  For this row FL girl chose a different type of fabric for the sky. Check it out. 

A Day at the Cove by Quilters Cove, Orlando, FL   

The sunset sky, blue water and sandy beach make up the background.  Such a contrast of color, I was not sure they would work together. 


Such a pretty sunset, however the problem with this material is that the setting sun repeats itself, so there is more than one sun.  That is okay if I was on another planet with two suns, but not here on earth where we only have one.  

I did not take a lot of pictures of the process of this one, sometimes I just get so wrapped up in what I’m doing I just forget to take some pictures.  Basically, I did this just like the previous rows, tracing the pattern on the paper side of iron on adhesive, ironing those onto the wrong side  of the fabric (or the right side if I’m not paying attention – waste of adhesive and FABRIC!).  Then cutting out the shapes and pressing them on the background fabric.  Ready to applique. 

The following pictures are parts of the row.  I have included some close up shots of the applique itself. 

The beautiful palm tree.  This was hard to cut out, I ended up using embroidery scissors because the little points on the leaves are just that... little, and the smaller scissors were better at getting the job done.  

An abandon boat on the sandy beach.  FL girl made sure that the inside of the boat looked like wood just like the outside.  The original pattern shows a pelican on the bow of the boat, plus some sandpipers skirting along the beach.  I chose not to include these; it just seemed to be overly crowded. 

On the horizon a little sail boat goes by.  A light house shines the way, and seagulls look like shadows in the dusk sky.

It is funny how the sail boat looks smaller in this picture when looking at the full view of the light house. Again FL girl was not going to just take plain fabric for the light house. She found this brick fabric and cedar shingle fabric at one of the shops. 

A close up of the palm tree applique. In and out, in and out all along the edge, took me quite a while to complete this.  

The finished row and notice that the palm tree covered some of the second setting sun in the repeating fabric.  I love how this came out and the colors were fine after all.  

Hope you enjoyed reading about this row.  Want to see more rows, check out the website for the 2016 Row by Row Experience. 

Happy Reading! 


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