Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

This was one of the first patterns I picked up in Indiana for the 2015 Row by Row Experience.  The store had a display of the completed row and they were offering kits for sale to go along with the pattern.  The strips of fabric were all cut, little did I know that was all the cutting that was done, and I still had to cut those strips into little pieces.

Check this row out designed by Quilt Quarters, Carmel,IN

Look at all those tiny squares.
The tiny blue squares, which make up the sky, were sewn on the corners of the flowers

Trimming the bottom corners, so that only a triangle is left
The hard part was adding the center. I had to read the instructions two or three times before they made since to me.

The yellow center was folded into quarters, then sewn between two of the flower petals.

Next, I had to sew the other end of the yellow center to two more petals.

The tricky part was getting the yellow center to fold just right inside so that I could stitch the petals and the center together without sewing more of the center than was needed.

Opening up the petals reveals the yellow center.  It worked and it was just like a flower blooming when I opened it.


Five pretty flowers pressed and ready for the next step.  But wait….


… all that folding, rearranging, turning, and sewing those petals and center made quite a mess on my shorts.  Time for the lint roller.


Making some half square triangles


Squaring them up into two different sizes leaves an awful mess.

Several half square triangles will make up the two large flowers.  Notice some have the light blue sky on them. 

 Arranging the pieces before sewing together.  These look like tangram puzzles.

Well this doesn’t look good.  However after the flower was assembled I can now see that this is the seam allowance.

Top two rows and the bottom two rows sewn together.   Before attaching these together, I needed to add a stem. 

The stem was sewn between the two sections.  It is just flapping right now and I later appliqued it to the background.

Time to assemble the flowers into the row along with additional blue sky material.

Well bummer, what is that middle flower doing way up in the air. Where is the seam ripper?

I debated about putting on the green rick rack under the flowers, but am glad I did. It adds a little extra to the panel. 

The completed row and such bright colorsIN girl loved it.

Stop back soon, I’m not finished with my 2015 Row by Row project yet.  It is too late to get these patterns, but check out the 2016 Row by Row Experience on their website.   (September 6, 2016 is the last day to pick up  your patterns)

Happy Reading! 


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