Saturday, September 24, 2016

Let’s Go To The Beach

If you haven’t noticed that the theme for 2015 Row by Row Experience was H2O.  Every row had something to do with water, so it made since to include a beach scene.  I picked this row in FL when I visited my FL girl last year for my birthday.  She wasn’t excited about this pattern, so I decided to make it for IN girl’s quilt, besides one can only put so many rows on one quilt and this would definitely be one too many for FL girl’s quilt.

Check out this row designed by Wandering Stitches, Orlando FL

Approximately 100 - 2 ½ inch squares.  Assorted blues and teals make up the sky and water.  For the sand castles I had light and dark tan material to use. The darker tan actually looks like sand.   I definitely had to lay these out in the order to be sewn. 

The pattern called for some fun prints for the beach balls  The closest thing I could find that I had that looked somewhat fun was some seersucker material with fruit and flowers.  The large orange and yellow circle will be the sun…blazing sun.

One row sewn together. 
All five rows sewn together.  That did not take long.

In order for the sand castles to line up properly, I had to shift the rows so that the seams did not meet from one row to the next.  This was fine with me as trying to get those seams to match up do not always go as planned.

The five rows have been stitched together making a very neat looking beach scene.  A little bit of water is seen around the partial sand castle, and two finished sand castles stand tall.  Now to add some fun…the beach balls.

Looks like the blazing sun is starting to set in the sky.

I appliqued the balls into place, however they look a little bland.

I took the fusible paper backing from the beach ball and drew a beach ball design on it.  Then taped the paper on the ball.  Stitching on the lines it made a nice looking beach ball when completed.

Pulling the paper ball off.

White thread shows the design of this ball.  Red for the other.

Are those sun flares?
This row was very easy to make and quick, which made it also fun.  

I hope you enjoyed this row as much as I did making it.  Please come back to see more on my 2015 Row by Row Experience, and don’t forget to check out the 2016 Row by Row Experience website.

Happy Reading! 


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