Thursday, September 1, 2016

Manatee Heaven Times 2

Both my daughters like manatees, so this row was done twice.  They will both have two rows with manatees on their finished quilts. The first one, has only two manatees, Momma and a baby.  This one has 3 manatees, and a lot of pieces.  There were 24 pieces, plus little fish to be scattered around on the panel.  Check out this lengthy project: 

Manatees – by Debra Gabel for Accent On Quilting,Orange City, FL

Like I said lots of pieces for this one, good thing I like to applique. All are drawn on the paper side of the iron on adhesive.

The iron on adhesive is pressed on to the wrong side of the fabric and the cutting begins.

The seaweed reminds me of an alien hand.

I liked the background so much on the first manatee row I used it for the second.  In order to have enough long enough and for both rows, I folded it in half, with selvage edges meeting together, then I stitched up along the selvage.  Once done, I cut the fold.  This gave me a nice long piece and just enough width to make the two rows.   The sandy area I did the same way as these were fat quarters, then I just ran my rotary cutter across it to make the curved line.

Starting to assemble the rows. First the seaweed, next coral, and then rocks. 

Then all the pieces that make up the three manatees.  I must say looking at the pieces it was hard to tell these were going to be manatees.  Accent on Quilting did a great job of numbering each piece and the order they need to go on to the panel.

The applique stitching begins.  If I had to do this over again, I think I would have stitched each layer before adding the next one. I had to make sure I did the applique that way so that the top layers covered up the stitching from the lower layers.  

The following pictures are the completed rows. 

The manatee eyes on one of the panels, FL girl thought the manatees looked sad.  So for this one, I found a neat stitch on my sewing machine that made just a small circle.  I made it as small as it would go then used a Rub-A-Dub pen to blacken the center.

The finished rows.  There are some differences, one is more spread out, the tiny fish (which by the way were a pain to applique, mostly because there were so many and so tiny).  FL girl noticed the difference in the panels right away and called for the one with the pink fish.  So I have marked  the row for who gets what.  

Though this was a lot of pieces, work and time consuming, it was well worth it.  I love the way they came out.  So far I have not been disappointed or discouraged by this project. 

Now off to start some more rows. Stop back soon to see what’s going on with this project and others I have in the works, and feel free to leave comments on any of my posts (subject to approval prior to posting)

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