Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sailing Away 2

My apologies for not updating this blog sooner.  We have cut back on some of our bills and internet access is limited now. Not to mention, I have been busy with sewing in my free time.  Too many projects and sew little time. 

I picked up two different patterns for sail boats.  0ne was in IN and one in FL, so it makes since to give each girl one that goes with her state.  This one is for IN girl.  

Sailboats designed by  Quilts Plus, Indianapolis, IN

Their pattern is showing a light tan or beige color for the sky.  It is pretty and makes the boats stand out, but I have never seen the sky that color before. I have some blue cloud fabric which would have been perfect, but looking at the pattern design it would make the clouds go different ways and look like the sky was chopped up.  So hunting through my material totes I found this blue fabric with little white dots, just enough to make a sky background.

I had some blue/green fabric left over from the sails on FL girl's row and like it so much decided to put it on these boats as well.  With the back ground I chose I think the boats will stand out.

Which color looks best with the blue sky for water?

I chose the darker water, I liked the way the little curls looked like waves in the water

More half square triangles.  These will make up parts of the sails and sky.

The green fabric will be the smaller sail.

I was excited to get this project going so I missed a few steps.  So far I made the half square triangles for the sky and large sail.  Added a mast to the sail, then more sky to the top.

The green sail also a half square triangle, but a little smaller so a larger sky area was added to the top so the two halves are the same height.

From left over wood fabric I made the boats.  The blue sky material was sewn on a diagonal of the boat piece.

Trimmed to make a boat shape, then ironed flat to reveal the boat.

Now to attach the sails and get sailing.

Spacers between the boats and they are ready to be launched.

As soon as I take machine apart and get that material unstuck.

Add captionOnce again, I skipped some pictures.  The water was a rectangle and I sewed a piece of square sky material on one end, pressed open then sewed another piece on the other end to come up with a triangle shaped water piece.  The pattern called one section of this a flying geese unit.  It did not tell how to make the flying geese unit so I had to figure that out for myself

The waves are added to the boats. 

I like how the boats look similar, but the large sail’s fabric design made them all look different. 

This was another easy row, I loved how all the pieces go together perfectly.  I am impressed with all these patterns and it takes a very knowledgeable person to come up with the designs.  I wonder if any of these were done by engineers.  I know I could not design one.
I took the day off for my birthday (which was in August) and worked on the next row.  Please come back and check it out along with some other projects I have been working on in between the rows. 

Happy Reading! 


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