Sunday, February 5, 2017

Colorful Fishing

This is a cute row with a lot of fish and several waves.  I had to make a chart so I could tell how many pieces I needed to cut for all the fish and waves.   For each fish/wave I jotted down on a card what color and size of fabric I needed.  I then put that all into a spread sheet and totaled the sizes up.  Checking off as I cut and labeled the pieces.  It was very time consuming, but I don’t think I would have been able to do this one if I hadn’t made the chart.  As it was, I think I missed a few and put down the wrong size on a couple. 

Here Fishy, Fishy! by Bernina Sewing Centre, Lake Mary, FL. 

 The chart.

After charting, cutting and labeling I’m ready to start piecing these together, making sure I follow the instructions very carefully.

Assembling the waves. 

Onto the fish.

Making triangles out of rectangles and squares.

Large triangle will be the body of the fish, small one will the be the tail. 

Well that doesn’t look right.  Where is that seam ripper.

Making flags?

Lining these  up to cut the excess off.

Much quicker than doing one at a time.

These will be tiny schools of fish.  No tails, just the bodies.

A few fish will have fins that stick out. 

Time to assemble the waves and the fish.

Block one

Block two.

Block 3.

The completed row.  Oh my, I should look at my background before taking pictures, look at those droopy roses. 

Sorry for the sparse postings, I have limited access to the internet right now, so can only post periodically.  I hop you enjoyed this posting and will continue to come back to see the finished 2015 Row by Row quilts I made for IN girl and FL girl.