Friday, May 5, 2017

La Mer

No I have not taken up French.   This is the name of the next row.  Translation, The Sea.  Very appropriate for a water themed project.   I picked this pattern up at an Indiana quilt shop, thinking our FL girl would like the French on her quilt, since she took it in high school, however since she was in FL, she only wanted FL rows on her guest bedroom quilt.  I am using it for IN girl’s quilt though, and I think it came out quite well.    

 I needed another row that would go vertically, instead of horizontally and this row was the easiest to adjust.  Take a look.  

This was a fun applique to do.  I used a beach sandy looking back ground that looks great with the large starfish.

La Mer - The Sea.  I used a larger pebble fabric for these letters on a cloud background, there is also a sandy area below, which looked kind of bare so I added a starfish.
Th ship as done by paper piecing.  Not happy how the sky came out, next time I will have to remember to either use plain fabric or make sure I'm putting the fabric on the right direction.  Once I completed this block it was considerably smaller than the previous two.  So I added a frame around it and made a label for it. 
The three blocks put together.  Now you can see the starfish on the middle panel, I think it added something to the picture.
This was one of the easier appliques I had to do, hope you like it.  Please return soon to see the rest of this project.  

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