Monday, June 26, 2017

Layers of the Sea

I purposely left this row for last.  I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric for the other rows before doing this one, which I used strips/scraps of the same fabric from the other rows.

From Quilting Folks Sewing Gallery, Inc, Rockledge, FL
Over lapping fabric, making a curvy stitch line.
Trimming close to the stitching.
Once it is trimmed, the bottom layers can be seen.
Sand moving up to water, once the panel is complete I went over the seams with decorative stitching.

The water and seaweed section.
Into the sky and universe.
Some of the decorative stitching.

The back of the panel, I thought this looked pretty neat.

The pattern called for a starfish or two.
The pattern also showed jelly fish.  I used one of the straight stitches that stitched back and forth three times to make the tendrils.
FL girl loves horses, so I made my own seahorse to add to the panel. 
Just before doing the applique stitching.  This was fun to do and so easy. 
I previously posted what I thought was the last panel for FL girls quilt, however this is the last one and the last one for both quilts.  Onto assembling the quilts and quilting. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back to see the finishing of the 2015 Row By Row Experience quilts.   

On another note, I am doing okay health wise.  I have two more chemo treatments to go through and am getting anxious about this next one. Not sure what it will bring.  My hair was falling out by handfuls so my husband cut my hair down to a half inch, which is much easier to care for, and it is not as annoying when the short hair comes out.  I also had a delay in treatment because I had an infected abscess on my abdominal wall, which landed me in the hospital for a few days, on antibiotics and a drain put in.  Once home, my husband had to clean the drain, he was not a happy camper.  Once the antibiotics kicked in the abscess drained and removed I felt much better.  With the delay of treatment, it has also delayed me from going back to work and I was surprised that they extended my short term disability even farther out.  Apparently the doctor will see me six to eight weeks after the last treatment, so I can't go back until after that.  We were told that the chemo drugs can be in your system for four to six weeks after the last treatment, so I assume (I know) that the doctor wants to make sure all my blood work is back to normal before going back.  Sigh. 

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