Friday, July 7, 2017

An Old Quilt For A New Little Boy

Between finishing up the 2015 Row By Row Experience quilts for my daughters, I have done several other projects.  Some small, some not so small.  I am still trying to finish the 20 year old quilts as well.  

This project was for my niece, she was expecting a baby boy in December 2016. He was born in November, the day after Thanksgiving.  What a blessing he is to my niece.  Check out this quilt that I started 20 some years ago (I know).  

I found this fabric in a tote that has been moved from a house, two apartments, another house and two more apartments. The two squares were already sewn together. Some of the material looked like men's shirt material and I'm not sure where all this fabric came from.  Blues, greens, stripes, grays, and a few yellows.  Perfect for a little boy. 

I didn't really have a backing in mind, however I found this baby blue fabric with small white dots.  Perfect for a boy.
Decided to make this simple.  I made 4 squares out of the two squares that I had, then stitched them together.  A plain simple quilt. 

Oops, I can see some squares did not line up properly.  A lot of these squares were not square at all, but I don't think it detracted from the quilt. 
Using the same technique I used to layer the 2015 Row By Row Quilt.  (This little quilt was actually done first using this method.)  The only problem I had was one side I could not clamp to the table (upper right hand side) due to size, so had to make sure I pulled that tight when putting in the pins.

Used some of the backing for the border.
I did an all over stitch, and some swirls.

I was quite happy with the results, and my niece loves it.
The label.  He was not born yet and I wanted her to have it when he was, so his date of birth is not included, only the year.

My grand nephew Christian.  What a happy little guy he is.

Happy Reading! 


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  1. Love this Aunt Ann. You did an awesome job. Already have fond memories attached to it. Thank you for your touching gift.