Monday, July 3, 2017

Finishing the 2015 Row by Row Experience

Well here we are, the end of the 2015 Row By Row Experience.  I really enjoyed doing each panel.  I have always loved to do applique, so this was a fun project for me to do.  I just took one panel at a time so it was not overwhelming. 

Check out the finished quilts.  I needed to get FL Girls done quickly so it could be mailed and she would receive it before Christmas, so lets start with hers.   

FL Girl ~ All Things Florida

I used a lot of pins in basting these quilts.  I ran out and had to go to the store to get some more, plus I had 400 or so already ordered.  I must have about a 1000 pins now.
I found a tutorial on line on how to layer a quilt and baste it.  I tried layering another quilt on my bed, but I could not keep both sides smooth.  This method worked well for me.   Above is the backing, wrong side up, clipped to my cutting table.
Next is the batting, and re-clipped catching both batting and backing.
Last is the top of the quilt.  I staggered the rows when I assembled the quilt top.

These binder clips worked well on my table. 
Starting to quilt.  The sandy beach boarder I made pebbles, and the blue fabric between the rows I did kind of a wavy all over stitch.
 Below are some of the finished panels after quilting.  Each panel was a challenge to quilt.

One of my favorites, I like the swirls of sand.

I followed the seaweed background and the sand waves.

Oops, for got to flip the pictured, but you get the idea of the quilting.

These were taken before I hid all the thread ends.

This was fun to follow the seaweed in the background.

I have to add my logo, though this one looks like the stitching is off a bit.

For the label on the back, I typed each row up with where we received the pattern.  Then used an iron on transfer.  It took me quite awhile to get the labels printed correctly.  Did a decorative stitch around the label, then attached to the back of the quilt

On the binding I did a decorative stitch to attach it.  Can you see sparkles on the blue front?  This fabric also looked like water and was hard to iron because of the sparkles it had.
FL girl's finished quilt.  My husband had to stand on a step stool for me to get it all in. 

IN Girl ~ A Mixture of Indiana and Florida

IN girl's quilt has some of the same Florida rows, however she also has some I received in Indiana.  
Before laying the layers on the cutting table, I had to find the center of the table. Then folded each layer to find the center.  X marks the spot where the center went.  As I finished pinning one section, it was easy to move the whole quilt to pin another section. 
A lot of pinning went into these two quilts. 
It was very relaxing to do though, but my thoughts were 'I've got to take all these pins out'. 

More pebbles on the sandy beach.
My machine has a stitch regulator.  The black knob is a magnet which holds the stitch regulator under the quilt.  As I was moving the quilt around, I looked over and this was where the magnet had landed. 
Well this doesn't look good.  Stop and remove a bunch of stitches.
Always good to check the back once in a while.
I loved how this one came out, the starfish was kind of puffed up in the center as I only quilted around it.
Why add a design when I had all those clouds to work with.

With the stitch regulator it keeps the stitches even.  It is much easier to do this when doing all over quilting, it is too hard to use when trying to free motion quilt because of all the stop and turning of the quilt.

The quilted seaweed can be seen better here. 

I really like this framed ship.

Label for IN girl's quilt.
Used another decorative stitch for the binding.  I believe this is a smocking stitch. Doesn't look like the stitching will come out anytime soon.
Again My husband standing on a step stool so I can get the whole quilt in.

I hope you enjoyed the 2015 Row By Row Experience, I certainly did. I would like to thank all the shops who put so much effort into the patterns, making it not only easy to follow but also enjoyable. 

A bonus for me, both girls loved their quilts.  
I will be back soon with some other projects I worked on as well in 2016 and some for 2017.

Happy Reading! 


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